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Sinotrans Ningbo Int'l Container Trans. Co.,Ltd.

       Founded in May 1995, Sinotrans Ningbo Int’l Container Trans. Co., Ltd. (SNICT) is subordinate to Sinotrans & CSC and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinotrans Zhejiang Co., Ltd. We are one of the leading companies specialized in international logistics and the earliest integrated logistics providers with complete functions in Ningbo.

       We are qualified to operate international freight forwarding approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and to operate as a NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Transport. In February 2000, we passed the ISO 9001. Further more, we are AA company in both customs authority, inspection and quarantine bureau.

       Our company main business includes:Space-booking,Customs declaration,Commodity inspection,Door to Door transportation,Storage,International multimodal transportation,Bonded Logistics,Engineering Logistics, etc.

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