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Customs Inspection

       Customs declaration and commodity inspection. SNICT undertakes customs declaration, commodity inspection, container inspection and releasing business with high quality service and strict working rule, which established a good reputation in port regulatory authorities. Our company is awarded to AA management company by Ningbo Customs authority, which makes our company enjoys the "green channel” (fast customs declaration) during customs clearance process. At the same time, we are qualified as commodity HS CODE pre-classification unit by Chinese Import and Export Customs Brokers Association. We, the first and the only one company in Ningbo, got AEO advanced certificate, which means our company is approved by or on behalf of a national Customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards. Our well-established connection with ports and terminals enable us to provide a smooth, rapid, accurate and convenient customs clearance, commodity inspection, releasing service to our customers.



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