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Bonded Logistics

       As a professional import and export logistics service providers, SNICT dedicates to develop and practise the full process of supply chain management, import & export trade and international freight forwarding. We provide our customers a competitive supply chain management solution in a professional, pragmatic spirit. We design, coordinate, control, optimize every circle of the entire supply chain and deliver cargo to the fitting place at the right time with appropriate way. To help our customer achieve fast customs clearance, lowering capital occupation, decreasing inventory levels, reducing logistics costs, rapid response to market demands and other targets.

       Core Services:

       Bonded Storage: Storing imports cargo under different incoterms and customs declared exports cargo under bonded condition.

       International Logistics Distribution: Distributing goods to companies in domestic area and abroad, and to transfer goods to other customs supervision region

        Simple Processing and Value-added Services: Simple processing that does not change chemical nature of the cargo or fits the customs VAT rate regulations.

       Import & Export Trade and Intermediary Trade: Companies in bonded areas can import and export cargo free and do intermediary trade with companies abroad

       Port functions: Interacting the business between inland logistics centers and ports (marine ports and airports). Enterprises in bonded logistics center can operate customs declaration directly. Domestic cargo will be seen as export cargo when it enters bonded logistics center, and shipper can enjoy the export tax rebate policy and get tax rebate when cargo enters the logistics center

       Logistics Information Processing and Consulting services.

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